Construction nightmares or dreams of the West Indies

All sellers are honest, buyers are naive. you only have to think of the formula that there are two exceptionally pleasant days in the relationship that one can have with a sailboat that are the day of the purchase and the day of the sale. I am enthusiastic about it.

Your seller was on the start, he had little time to grant you. This boat seduced you by its lines and by boarding you had already decided to buy it. It was only necessary to negotiate the right price. Today you know that you bought a box whose contents you changed. This sailboat has not changed it's always the same, like a knife whose handle was changed then the blade.

You buy a sailboat and your seller is in a hurry? Go elsewhere. Your time is as precious as his. The time you spend repairing everything he has not shown you will be the time that you pass on a construction site and that you will not pass to navigate.

My yacht Ylang Ylang is approaching fifty. It is a sailboat that already has a long history and like the previous one it forced me to devote many hours to its restoration. It makes me think that we have tendency to always repeat the same experiences. To give life to a shipwreck and make it a ship capable of crossing the oceans, it is undoubtedly what remains to me of my naïveté of child. An old sailboat has something common with the computer code, at least until it has sunk: it is always possible to erase and start again.

Often the choice of a boat and especially a sailboat is a form of expression of the owner's personality. What is obvious for a car is more for an object that is not subject to as much constraints but is instead intended to escape the gloom of the earthly world.

If a sailboat does not sink, the owner must be willing to keep it afloat. Whether it floats on the water or sinks to the bottom of the ocean, this thing can take the position that suits it. The sailor must constantly watch over his hull, if he wants to stay on the surface, he has no other option but to watch it constantly. Rather than undertaking lengthy and expensive treatments, depressed people could as well live on a sailboat. This thought came to me frequently as I lived aboard my "Maraamu" ex "Viva la vida". In the heat and humidity conditions of tropical climates the metal walls of a steel boat cease to be inert elements, the metal constantly undergoes alteration. If we are not careful, rust cankers develop like the pustules of the pox. It then seemed to me that the attention paid to the condition of this hull, condition of the maintenance of my sailboat alongside his own in the marina preserved me wanderings of a daily approach that has no other concern than his own person. Yes this addiction provides a clear answer to any suicidal option, it also causes concern at every moment: how is my friend doing? Will not it sink if I leave it for a moment?